Intro to Profile Mate

Whether you are a business looking to sell your products or a marketer looking to gather information, you know that when looking for help there are a million products to choose from, most promising more than they can give.

For anyone who is familiar with Instagram, Profilemate is a solid product that has come along to help.

This product has proven not to be some promise in a box, but rather a solid tool that when used with the Instagram database, can provide tons of data for marketing and selling purposes.

What is Profile Mate?

Profile Mate, simply put, is software that uses Instagram to collect data for marketing purposes. It basically does the following;

Collects data from Instagram profiles

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Allows you, the user, to organize that collected data into useful categories

Provides a system that you can profit by being an affiliate marketer

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More about Profile Mate

The foundation of Profilemate is to go out and collect data from the user profiles of Instagram. By having this information, you, the user, now have information regarding a specific audience for your product, or your competitors.

Before, if you wanted information about a specific audience you had to manually do it. That would mean that you, the user, would have to go through each member profile and write down all the information yourself.

Imagine how long it would take to collect all those emails, phone numbers, and other data. I’m pretty sure no one has 100s years to dedicate to this.

Profilemate takes what would take a lifetime to do and provides it in a short period of time. Now, you, the user, has a rich and vast collection of usable date, and this data can be used to analyze profiles and build leads.

Not only are you collecting the profiles of specific audiences, you are also collecting data based off of what is in those profiles, such as locations and hashtags, which allows for more local marketing and niche driven leads.

Profile Mate was built up to be used for e-commerce, local marketing, affiliate marketing, and offline business. With the data that is collected from Profile Mate, you can specifically target the audiences that you want to reach.

All of this information allows you to have a breakdown of these users. You can now see who is following a specific page, the top performers, who are the influencers, pages that need help, and profiles that are dominating any particular niche.

Profile Mate also collects all of the emails that are listed in those Instagram profiles. Now, you the user, has an instant mailing list in which you can use to promote your product or convey particular information to that audience.

Finally, if you are more of a marketing agency or are looking to be an affiliate marketer, Profile Mate allows you to pay for unbranded marketing of the product to suit your needs. You can buy license keys by 10 or 50 and brand them your way for your own clients.

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How does Profile Mate Work?

  • You enter the information for your target audience, i.e. competitors or fan pages

  • Instantly view results including contact emails, locations, and other data

  • Convert this information into leads and marketable data

Profilemate works using Instagram, the photo based social media site that allows users to see who is following who while engaging on the ongoing discussions through post and comments

Profilemate does what would take anyone a lifetime to do in collecting data from Instagram. It reaches into the world of Instagram and collects emails, contact info, locations, and other data that is desired from all of the profiles out there

You, the user, can convert the information and use the data in the following ways

Public Email and number Domination

Get the details of any competitor and break down their audience with all of their public details

Competitor Insight

Analyze the trends, similar pages, most engaged users, locations and more. Basically, you have a lot of valuable marketing information

Contactable User Information

While you’re away Profilemate works to collect and get access to more and more user profiles to gather information

Remove the Guesswork

You can use the information from Profilemate to either email directly the customers you want to market or create a lookalike audience

Generate Buyer Traffic

Going through 1000s of profiles per hour, you have a list of a specific targeted customers wanting to be contacted for your products

Personal Account Marketing

You are able to screen your own, warm leads for quicker conversion

Who is Luke Maguire?

Luke Maguire is an internet marketer who lives in the Gold Coast of Australia.

Luke grew up in Australia in what would be considered a normal upbringing from a normal family. He made average grades, didn’t have any particular interest in one subject or the other, and just floated by until graduation.

At 18 he joined a private university where he worked towards an accelerated business degree which he received a few days before his 20th birthday. Unfortunately, after he graduated, he didn’t feel as if he learned much, was now 70k in debt, and had no calling to a specific career.

 After 80 applications, he either was rejected from jobs he had applied for or they just didn’t bother writing back. This was the time he decided that having his own business was the way to go.

 Although it took many tries, Luke found some clients to do Facebook ads for their business. This was the birth of his business “Social Media Mansion.”

 As he got more clients, he realized he had to start automating parts of his operation but found it hard to do so. This led to the realization that if he was having this problem then so were others.

 Seeing that other marketers were trying to find solutions to automate, he decided to create his own product and set up a launch date. The launch was a success, and with a new mindset, he began creating other time saving product.

 Not wanting to wake up at a specific time, he created a product that would automatically post to Instagram while he was asleep. After launch week, he had generated over 1 million dollars, and his career took off

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Luke Maguire

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Is Profile Mate Legit?

While some may feel that the information that is gather through Profilemate is somehow legit, or that the software is some kind of scam, they are mistaken.

Profilemate is 100% legit. All the information that is gathered by the software is all public knowledge. The contact information, numbers, and emails have all been publicly placed on Instagram because the users of those profiles have done so. It is not their private information.

The beauty of this product is that is a true tool. There are no tricks of fabrications. What you are getting is basically a fast working brain.

We could all do the same thing that profile mate does, it would just take years. Profile mate just moves a million times faster and helps us with that information

Profile Mate - My Thoughts / Verdict

In the end I find this a solid tool. There are so many products out there claiming to do this and that with little or no effort, but this is not one of those products.


Profile mate is good because it is simple at heart. There are no outrageous claims.


The products simple finds and organize information that would take years in minutes, so what you are getting is a massive amount of time and energy back. You still have to work to get the sales and have your own solid product.


Instagram is obviously a popular forum that is going to be around for a while. If you are into marketing with Instagram, this is a solid product that has a lot of potential to provide a massive amount of good, quality information.


I also found it encouraging that the company is having an exciting launch program for the release of the product. They are offering webinars and many cash prizes. I feel that with those kinds of incentives and belief behind this product is will provide its users much success

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Profile Mate Review